6 Methods for the treatment of impotence

Impotence is a problem that is widespread. Following the growing number of older people, the number of men suffering from impotence is also rising.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

There are several causes of erectile complaints. Often, they are physical in nature. If it does not happen to have an erection, fear of failure or uncertainty could play a role. Stress, but also the consumption of alcohol, drugs or taking medication can cause erectile problems. Basically, the causes of erectile dysfunction can be divided into four groups: – Medical problems – An unhealthy lifestyle – Psychological causes – Aging Whatever the cause of your complaints, we advise you to always discuss with a doctor. Erectile complaints are often well treatable, despite the cause, and a doctor can advise you on the fastest and most reliable solution for your specific situation.

Medical problems

To have an erection, there are several things that happen in your body. In short, sexual stimulation is ultimately converted to increased blood flow in the penis. Each condition that affects these events can then cause erectile dysfunction. Some conditions that are often linked with erectile dysfunction are Hypertension, diabetes, depression, an unhealthy lifestyle. Habits and lifestyle can be associated with erectile dysfunction. Also, some bad habits can affect your erection. The 3 most important are: Smoking, drinking too much alcohol and using drugs. Of course, it is best to completely stop your unhealthy lifestyle, but if it’s too difficult, – at least try to decrease these habits.

Psychological problems

If you still have a good morning erection, in most cases, the physical function is still in order. Then it is possible that your erection disorder has a psychological cause: Too much stress, emotional trauma (eg loss of a partner, divorce, death), relationship problems, uncertainty about your sexual orientation, depression or fear of failure. Talk about this with your family doctor. He can determine if the cause is indeed psychological and advise you on what to do.


As you get older, it is likely that it will take longer for you to have an erection, or that your erection is no longer as hard as before, and that it takes longer for you to ejaculate.

Fortunately, there are several methods to treat impotence.

1. Pills

Pills for the treatment of impotence are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. These three pills work by inhibiting certain enzymes that prevent blood from circulating to the penis. Thus the blood flow to the penis is improved and less blood escapes from the penis. The most famous and popular pill is naturally Viagra. Since its introduction in 1998, Viagra has become in a short time very popular. This is due in part to many movies as well as the famous SPAM emails that are frequently sent by counterfeit Viagra providers. Pills for the treatment of impotence help millions of men to return to a healthy sex life.

2. Injections

Before the advent of erectile pills, erectile dysfunction has sometimes been treated with injections. Even now, this can be used, for example, when erectile pills do not produce the desired effect. The injection contains the same active substance as the pills, which is injected directly into the penis. This method is not suitable for everyone because it is not easy to inject into the penis.

3. Suppositories

For men who do not want to use the injection and the erectile pill, there are also suppositories containing the same active ingredient as the methods described above. Here, a thin suppository is inserted into the urethra. The advantage of the suppository, compared to pills and injections, is that the suppository can be used during sexual activity and acts very quickly. The other two methods must be applied in advance, which prevents any spontaneity.

4. Penis pumps

Penis pumps are available in any erotic shop and also online. Although the penis pump is ridiculed in many movies, it can be very effective. The pump provides, like the methods listed above, a better blood flow to the penis, in order to obtain a satisfactory erection. In order to maintain the erection after the use of a penis pump, it is recommended to use a penis ring. This ensures that blood does not escape easily from the penis. When it is painful to touch the penis or it becomes cold, the ring should be removed immediately.

5. Implants

In modern medicine, penile implants have been developed effectively. There are implants that can be filled using a pump, which is placed in the scrotum. The implant (penile prosthesis) is an ultimate remedy for men if the methods above did not work.

6. Penile surgery

It is very rarely considered to perform an operation on the blood vessels of the penis. This method is the most extreme option for treating impotence. Most surgeons do not want to do this because the success rate is less than 1 %.